(Brief) Review of the New Mumford & Sons Single -- "Believe"

Mumford & Sons recently released a new single entitled, "Believe." I know they've gone from underground cool to everyone's parents thinking they are "hip" and "relevant", but I still like their stuff and am legitimately excited for their new album. I've listened to "Believe" a few times over, and here are some initial thoughts:

It should be noted, I credit 90% of my "inside" information to Daniel Fulton 

  1. It's definitely a different sound. But I'm OK with that. They had to try something new after two albums that sounded very similar. It "works" but...
  2. It sounds like Coldplay, especially the first minute or so of the song (e.g., lots of synth, and Chris Martin inspired harmonies)
  3. They claim their inspiration for the album was Led Zeppelin and Radiohead. I hope so.
  4. The lyrics seemed a little contrived, but to quote my brother-in-law, that's kind of to be expected with Mumford. 
  5. I couldn't place the sound of the electric guitar midway through the song--again, my brother-in-law to the rescue. Apparently The National helped M&S find the album's "identity." 
In sum, "Believe" helps introduce their fans to a new sound, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are keeping the album's best songs in their back pocket for a bit longer. 

If you haven't heard it yet:


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