Why We Sponsor a Child with Compassion International

A few weeks ago I signed up to blog for Compassion International. The selection process was quote arduous. They require the following:

1) You have an email address
2) You have a blog

All kidding aside (but seriously those were the only requirements), we've sponsored a child with Compassion International for the last few years and think highly of the organization--I thought it was a good fit.

My first "assignment" is to write about why I signed up to be a blogger and/or why we chose to sponsor a child. Here it goes...


I have a friend that included the following quote from Maya Angelou in her email signature:
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." 
She was a journalist and had written several books, so it kinda worked for her. But what I admired about her wasn't that she was paid to write (as a podunk blogger, the idea of making money for your writing blows my mind) but because she was a storyteller. What made her a good storyteller is that she understood that everyone has a story and if you have the patience to listen closely enough, you'll hear the most incredible things. I learned this about her from how she asked me how I was doing and how she small talked about the weather. 

I signed up to be a blogger for Compassion because despite the fact that over 1 million children have been sponsored, there are still millions of children in need. Where blogging and these children intercect is in the need for their stories to be told.  I'm convinced that if we listen, really listen, to their stories we will hear about truly amazing people. 

My wife and I sponsor a young boy from Bolivia named Daniel. He lives with his mother and step-father, likes to play soccer and help his mom with household chores. When we started sponsoring Daniel he was six. He's nine now and I can't wait to see what kind of man he will become. Every night we pray that the Lord will not only provide for every one of Daniel's needs but also that He will reveal himself to Daniel in incredible and powerful ways. 

I started this blog a few years ago to become a better storyteller. I resonated with the Angelou quote, and felt like I had stories I had to tell. But I can't think of a more important story than "releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name." 

I've been writing this post in spurts over the last few days, but couldn't figure out how to end it.

Then on Sunday night we took my son to the ER. 

He has a respotory virus and requires some pretty specialized treatments. He receives a nebulizer treatment every two hours, a dose off steroids every day to minimize the swelling in his lungs, Tylenol to lower his fever, amoxicillin for the ear infections and pedialyte to compensate for his lack of fluids. He's also hooked up to a machine that monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels constantly. 

All of these treatments and medicines are (at least partially) covered by our insurance, and conveniently, we live about two miles from the hospital.

But most children in the world have no access to care like this. Many children die because the don't have basic medical needs, let alone hyper-specialized treatment plans. Compassion is working to solve this.

We sponsor a child because I can't imagine Daniel's parents going through what we're going through WITHOUT the care we are receiving. 

You've heard Daniel's story a million times, but have you listened? And if Daniel's name was Lukas and he lived in Beverly, MA, would that change anything?

I hope this post doesn't make you feel guilty--I intend only to highlight an opportunity. 


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