What They Don't Tell You When You Have a Baby -- A Dad's Perspective

Right after Lukas was born the nurse gave us a few "pointers" for how to care for him when he was in our home. I literally cannot remember a thing she said, save one point. She was very clear that we are, under no circumstances, to shake our baby. Sarah and I kind of looked at each other, smirked and rolled our eyes in the most descrete way possible.  

It didn't take long for us to understand what she meant. What they don't tell you in the hosptial is that this little ball of cuteness, depsite how much you love them, will probably at some point make you the angriest you've ever been in your whole life. Sure, they tell you that you'll be tired, and it'll be hard, etc., etc. What they don't tell you is there are times when your baby, despite their undisputable cuteness, will actually make you bordernline furious.

They tell you not to shake the baby, but what they should tell you is that there are probably times when you'll have to put the baby in the other room and walk away, so as not to shake the baby. 

One of Sarah's friends (who shall remain nameless) asked her if it's normal to cry in the first few months. 


Not only did Sarah cry, but I cried...alot...actually I probably cried more than Lukas cried. 

My sole purpose for writing this blog, is to tell you what I wish the nurse would have told us. I know that we are not supposed to shake the baby. What I didn't know is the series of emotions leading up to the desire to shake one's baby.

Don't shake your baby. That's bad. But also know that's it's OK to get angry, frustrated, feel like you're going crazy, etc. I should also add, that they first time they "gooo" or smile or do just about anything, you forget how mad you are. It's also OK to ask for help. We did. A lot. And it was awesome. 


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