Where There's Cattle There's Crap

It's been difficult for me to find the motivation to spend time reading the bible as of late. Ironically, since I started taking classes at Gordon-Conwell (a seminary), I've found it easier to read books about scripture as opposed to simply reading scripture. In part motivated by my borderline apathy, I was resolved to read something this morning. I figured I'd start with Proverbs--a relatively simple and accessible book. 

I stumbled on this verse:

Where there are no oxen, 
the manger is clean, 
but abundant crops come by the strength 
of the ox.
~Provers 14:4~

I should say on the onset of this post, I'm not a biblical exegete. However, what I think this verse is saying is that to achieve a reward or goal, you have to deal with...well...some...crap. You can keep "the manger clean" by not adding any cows, but you can't get crops without cows.

This has been an interesting past few months for me--preparing for the arrival of our baby, navigating the complexities of a close-knit community at work, slowly plodding through grad school, etc. 

Truthfully, these things have been exhausting to me, but I have to believe that the crap will produce crops. In fact, I think the verse is saying the crap is necessary for the crops. 


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