A Brief Prayer in Respone to the Newtown Shooting

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones and Greg Carmer shared this prayer with the Gordon community in response to the Newton, CT shooting. I have no idea how to respond to situations like these but this prayer captured much of how I am feeling, thinking, etc.

Prayer of Lament

O God, you are our help and strength,
our refuge in the time of trouble.
In you our ancestors trusted;
They trusted and you delivered them.
When we do not know how to pray as we ought,
your very Spirit intercedes for us
with sighs too deep for words.
We plead for the intercession now, Gracious One.
For desolation and destruction are in our streets,
and terror dances before us.
Our hearts faint; our knees tremble;
our bodies quake; all faces grow pale.
Our eyes are spent from weeping
and our stomachs churn.
How long, O Lord, how long
must we endure this devastation?
How long will destruction lay waste at noonday?
Why does violence flourish
while peace is taken prisoner?
Rouse yourself! Do not cast us off in times of trouble.
Come to our help;
redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.
For you are a gracious God
abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.
By the power of the cross,
through which you redeemed the world,
bring to an end hostility
and establish justice in the gate.
For you will gather together your people into that place
where mourning and crying and pain
will be no more,
and tears will be wiped from every eye.
Hasten the day, O God of our salvation.
Accomplish it quickly! Amen.

From Let the Whole Church Say Amen! A Guide for Those Who Pray in Public by Laurence Hull Stookey, pp94-95 (Copyright 2001 by Abingdon Press) Reproduced by permission.
The publisher hereby grants permission to local churches to reproduce this prayer, provided it is not sold or distributed beyond the church and provided the credit line noted above is used on each copy.


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