The Primary Concern of Jesus' Ministry

I am nearing the end of my class at Gordon-Conwell on the Life of Jesus.  Suffice to say, I've thought a lot about Jesus these past few months. Today I ran into a good friend of mine (who also happens to be the college pastor at The Harbor) at lunch. He told me about this fun little exercise he does with college students. He asks them this simple question, what was Jesus' greatest concern (i.e. what did He predominately teach on, what was his motivation for miracles, etc.)?

He spilled the beans in the sermon, but for our purposes I'll allow the suspense to build and refrain from revealing the answer. So I redirect the question to you oh reader of this blog, what was the primary concern of Jesus' ministry?

In the event that you're a "Twitterer" here is a link to his bio page

Maybe if enough people tweet him, we can even get him to guest post on this blog...


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