The Best Marriage Advice: Honorable Mention

For much of this countdown, I blended several comments into one summarized point. Below are a few specific pieces of advice that I found especially profound, clever, hysterical, or just plain old awesome.  I quite literally laughed out loud when I read #1.

Be Willing to Laugh at Yourself
Melanie from MA

NYPD Motto: Protect and Serve
Diego from CA

Fight fair. couples' fights range on the spectrum depending on their personalities and various other factors, but everyone, at some point, faces conflict, frustrations, and arguments. That's super healthy and needed, but you have to fight fair. don't take low blows or use words that you know will particularly sting. Communicate how you're feeling and why, but maintain the underlying respect for the other.
Lisa from MA

Make traditions in your home. In fact, your home should be a Living Tradition. I've heard of families that open their Christmas presents while wearing underwear on their head, or have pancakes every Saturday night. Doing things like this just makes the journey more fun.
Matt from GA

Just because it is football season does not mean it’s OK to tackle your wife…over and over…with a long running start. These are the problems you encounter when your apartment has a straight open hallway from the kitchen to the bed (at least there was something to cushion the blow). [My husband] would come barreling through about 3 times a day, with a higher frequency on Sundays. 
Ruth from MA


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