The Best Marriage Advice: #3

Lake Michigan's Waves
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#3 Run to the Sun (22 Points)

Trish K. in Illinois

If we were to apply our "standard scoring" formula to this advice, it barely would have cracked the top ten. HOWEVER, I forgot to add the qualifier that any advice my mom sends automatically adds 10 additional points to the score. I mean, it is my mother after all.

Me when I was 10 years-old
This piece of advice actually comes from a charge my dad gave to a young couple while officiating their wedding. He discussed just how incredibly important it is to find something that both husband and wife enjoy doing. The example my dad gave (and that my mom recalled in an email to me) was the time they spent laughing and playing together in the waves in Lake Michigan. I'll quote my mom here directly:
Take and make time to play together. I remember one time your dad and I went to Lake Michigan when the waves were huge. We had an inner tube and we just played in the waves. That memory was the last summer we had together.
"Run to the Sun" means, therefore, play/laugh/have fun together. As I was thinking about writing this blog post, I reread my mom's email. My dad died 14 years ago, but my mom still remembers this day so vividly that she offered it as her "best wedding advice." Surely they had important conversations and enjoyed some memorable days together (e.g. my birth...), but for some reason this was what my mom decided to pass along to me.

After Sarah and I finished eating this evening, I loaded our plates into the dishwasher. We happen to use the powder form of detergent. I had to shake up the box to break apart the the soap that had clumped together. The dish detergent quickly became our hi-hats. Sarah's glass became our snare drum, and my foot became our bass drum. Yes, we were trying to recreate this:

We had a pretty good beat for about 22 seconds before we both lost it and laughed hysterically.  I think it's important to simply have fun every once in awhile. Whether it's going for a bike ride, playing tennis together, making chocolate chip cookies, shooting each other in laser tag or trying to be Ben Rector you gotta laugh, smile and have some fun.

P.S. (This is my addition) Every year you should watch the sunrise with your spouse. Seriously. Every year, at least one time, get up at 5:13 A.M. or whatever time the sun rises, and watch it together. We did. It was awesome. I think this is also "Running to the Sun."


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