Kubb: The Greatest Game of All-Time

This weekend a large number of my college chums will congregate to the Annapolis area for our annual college reunion. Unfortunately I will not be making the journey south down I-95 because I am fortunate enough to be a groomsmen in a close friend's wedding this weekend. Although I couldn't be more enthused to be a part of this wedding, I'm sad that I'll miss catching up with some of my closest friends. I'll miss the three-hour breakfasts, the updates on new jobs/adventures and witnessing the uncontrollable smile my friend Lisa will inevitably bear when all her dearest friends are gathered in one room.

College Friends
 This is basically all true.

If I'm being entirely honest...I'm devastated that I will be missing Kubb. I really like my friends, but I love Kubb. As of right now, I know a grand total of one person that owns this game. You guessed it-- he will, of course, be taking this game with him to Maryland to play all weekend long. In fact, I'm so devastated that I will not be able to participate in these games, I have asked my friend to throw his first toss of each match left-handed in honor of me (Yes, similar to Bo Kimble and no, I'm not trying to make light of Hank Gathers' passing).

If you haven't been fortunate enough to experience this game, check out this video:

 I know what you are thinking. And you're wrong. Kubb is awesome. It is a holistically egalitarian game (meaning no gender or specific athlete has an advantage) and incredibly easy to understand.  You could say it's similar to Bocce but that would be like calling World War II a "disagreement between a few nations." I'm even half-tempted to buy this t-shirt and enlist a team in the U.S. National Championships (which happen to take place in Eau Claire, WI. Who knew?).

I can't wait for the wedding this weekend.  I love weddings. I love the cake, dancing (check my twitter profile), not locking my knees, and I enthusiastically listen to "Canon in D" for two weeks straight to get me mentally prepared for each wedding I attend.  Mostly, I love my friends and can't wait to support them this weekend. But I will miss Kubb. Luckily, the U.S. National Championship doesn't come around again until July 2013.

When Sarah and I finished watching Friday Night Lights (the TV show) I informed her that we would be moving to Texas so our sons (which we don't have) can play football. As it turns out, as long as we buy this bib and our children becoming professional "Kubbers", I can live anywhere...


  1. I had that giant Lisa smile when I read about your description of that giant Lisa smile. But seriously I said about 8 times on the drive down here "I'm so bummed Keith isn't coming." I already declared that next year I am choosing a date based specifically on you and Sarah's schedule. We'll try not to get too good at Kubb in your absence.

  2. I'm blocking out the entire month of July. Instead of actually playing the game with y'all, I'll spend the next two weeks reading up on strategy. We HAVE to play when you're back in town...


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