In Guatemala

Just landed in Guatemala with the men's basketball team from Gordon. We are staying at a real cool hostel owned and operated by a Christian family from the US.

I'm not sure if the pictures capture it but it's beautiful.

I've had my first cup of coffee. Ambrosia. Guatemalan coffee is simply put, the best coffee on the planet. Though drinking it at 9:45pm may not have been wise...

In the next few days I plan to connect with a friend in Guatemala who I met last time I was here with SWR. I'm looking forward to passing along some shoes, soccer balls and a few other items. She's doing some great things in Guatemala.

On a side note, saying goodbye to Sarah today was about the most awful thing on the planet. I've experienced painful goodbyes but this was unique. I really do feel like I left a part of me in Massachusetts. If you see Sarah give her a hug for me. Unless you are a male. Then I'll punch you in the face for touching her.

Tomorrow we go to downtown Guat City, run a clinic and play a game.

Cups of coffee consumed: 1

More to come...


  1. Thinking of drinking Guatemalan coffee makes me feel nostalgic for our trip a few years ago. What a lovely place. I'll give Sarah lots and lots of hugs for you...


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