Guatemala/El Salvador: Day 8 (afternoon)

After letting the guys sleep in until about 9:30am, and a late breakfast at Mr. Donut, we returned to our dorm for about an hour before we left for our first game of the day.

We encouraged our guys to spend the hour thinking, praying, reflecting, reading, or basically doing whatever they felt they needed to do. These trips are an introverts worst nightmare: twelve straight days with 20 guys in extremely close quarters.

Some guys even hand-washed their jerseys. Parents, you should be proud.

As I reflected on the trip it struck me that a handful of our guys have shared with me about something difficult that they are enduring back home. For some it was family related situations; for others it was a personal issue that they are working through.

I know this trip has been hard for some knowing that things are tough back home. I guess that's the thing with ministry, it's never done in a vacuum. It always involves people which inevitably means there will be some hurting people doing the ministry.

With that said, our guys have been incredibly kind and generous both with the folks we meet and their teammates. It speaks to the maturity of the young men on this trip.

Please continue to pray for our guys, specifically for the ones that are enduring difficult circumstances.

I have had a few people email me asking about various aspects of the trip, but I think the most frequently asked question is about Park's..."popularity"...with the woman in El Salvador. I kid you not, it's like we are on another planet. Not that Parque isn't popular with the ladies-he is- but there is much less interest in El Salvador. He is "normal" here. Parque is adjusting, but I think he is eager to return to Guatemala.

I hope to post tonight after our games but the last two nights I was banished to my room by a security guard.


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