Guatemala/El Salvador: Day 11

We had a great day. After breakfast we headed to Lake Atitlan. It is an incredible view. On one side of the lake there are shops, restaurants and touristy things. On the other side of the lake are two volcanoes. Spectacular. We spent a couple of hours there, ate lunch and then headed to the city of Antigua. Antigua is an incredibly old city about an hour or so from Guatemala City. It has a huge market, great restaurants, cafes (I'm enjoying my final cup of Guatemalan coffee right now) and other "touristy" things. We were told the volcano overlooking the city is very "active" today (I'm not entirely sure I know what that means) but unfortunately it is a very cloudy day making it difficult to see the "activity."

We leave for the airport at 5am tomorrow morning. Its been a great trip but I think our guys are ready to be home.

I will probably post a summary/reflection on the trip in the coming days.

Thanks for reading.


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