Guatemala: Day 6

We had a very long day. It was a very good day, but tiring.

We left this morning at 7:30AM for breakfast at Mr. Donut (it's as awesome as it sounds). After breakfast we played our first game of the day at the University of Dr. Andres Bello. The game was outdoors but the court and rims were in pretty good shape. The team was solid. An American who has been living in El Salvador for the last three years joined the university's team for the game. He played D1 ball and even had a brief stint with the Globetrotters. Suffice to say, he helped their team.

The game went back and forth and with 20 seconds to play we were down one. Garrett Harden hit a three to give us the lead then hit two free throws after we got a defensive stop to ice the game. It has been fun watching Garrett play this last week. Garrett's senior year was so difficult with the thumb injury, I'm just glad he has had this opportunity to play with the team for ten more games.

Dave Dempsey shared his testimony during halftime. The crowd appeared to be very receptive.

After the game we were given a tour of the campus by the university's VP for Academics. After the tour we had lunch at the university with the team.

After lunch we drove to a volcano in the outskirts of San Salvador. It was spectacular. I fear the pictures don't do justice. It was beautiful. Don't worry parents, the volcano has been dormant since 1915.

After some downtime in the afternoon we drove to Cojutepeque to play an all-star team. They were...well we won by about thirty and it could have been a lot worse. Luke Hamilton shared his testimony at halftime.

After the game we experienced the fine El Salvadorian dish, pupusa. It's kind of like a small quesadilla with beans and cheese. I probably ate about nine of them. They were phenomenal.

The volcano was beautiful, the food was great and we won both games but I would say the highlight of the day was simply chatting with the university students over lunch and eating pupusa with our opponents from the second game (their families joined us as well).

The people In both El Salvador and Guatemala have been so kind to us.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of the folks that hear our guy's testimonies. After a player shares his testimony a man named William presents the gospel (Louis is with us but William is from El Salvador. Louis joked that he only speaks Guatemalan not El Salvadorian). Please specially pray for the necessary follow up after we leave. After William shares he asks if anyone would like to either give their life to Christ or recommit to serving Him. On average there has been thirty or so people at each game that have expressed a desire to do so. The players pass out brochures to the individuals that have made this decision. In the brochure is more information about Jesus and a section for their contact information. The Sports Ambassadors team has collected 200 of these forms. Obviously the follow up on this is tedious but extremely important. Please pray that they are able to disciple the people that express an interest in following Jesus.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a church. Pastor Tod Murphy will be preaching.


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