Guatemala: Day 4 (PM)

After the clinic this morning we came back to the hostel, had lunch and then made our way to Paseo Cayala per the suggestion of a close friend of mine that grew up in Guatemala. Imagine the largest, newest most impressive outdoor shopping/restaurant center you have ever seen. After Paseo Cayala we went to the Oakland Mall for a few hours. Several of our guys saw the movie Avengers, several got a massage and several just walked around and relaxed.

After our down time we headed to our game. We ended up playing what we all think was a professional team (we haven't been able to confirm this) in a massive old stadium in downtown Guatemala City. For those of you that have seen Tufts new gym, it had a similar feel but this gym was much larger. The team was "OK." Not as good as the previous team we played but better than the first team. We ended up winning by nine and everyone got to play. James Ek shared his testimony at halftime of the game.

We leave for El Salvador at 8am Friday morning and will be there until next Wednesday. I do not know what the internet situation will be but I will blog as frequently as possible.


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