Why Blog?

Professor: "Your story is terrible."
Keith: (searching for a response)
Professor: Seriously, it's not very good.

Thus began my writing career. I was a junior at Gordon College when I received this news. I wrote a short story loosely based on the movie Friday Night Lights.

Fantastic Movie
 The story was about four friends, in their seventies now, who won a high school state championship together. Every Tuesday morning they ate breakfast together at the local town diner.  The title of the story was "Your Hand in Mine" (taken from a song by Explosions in the Sky that was on the movie's soundtrack)

In the diner was a picture of the four friends at midfield before the championship game. You guessed it, holding hands (just like the poster from the movie).

I actually thought it was a pretty good idea for a short story.

Unnamed Professor
Clearly my professor (who shall remain nameless) didn't agree.

I attempted to get feedback from him, but the most he could muster was, "Keith, I don't know what to tell you it's just not very good."

But here's the thing. I really like to write. You want to know something else? I actually agree with the unnamed professor, my story wasn't very good.

Which is exactly why I'm starting this blog. I think I am only an average writer, but I think with practice, I can become much much better.  Unfortunately, if you choose to read this blog you will experience me awkwardly fumble through sentence fragments and incomplete thoughts. 

But, over time, I hope to improve. Maybe eventually I can even stumble upon something profound.

In the meantime, please enjoy this comic strip constructed by someone who shall also remain nameless...

From the comic Pearls Before Swine with a few liberties...


  1. Oh my goodness, this is incredible! Does unnamed professor know of this appearance in your blog!? haha...love it.

  2. Oh... I had that unnamed professor too, but luckily not for a writing course!

  3. Ironically, it wasn't even for a writing class! It was American Lit. I think he just takes pleasure out of squelching young (perhaps naive) ambition :)


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