Lukas Update 2.0

Bath after the hospital visit
We were discharged from the hospital around 3:30PM today. They did fairly definitively determine that Lukas has a hiatal hernia, and this is the reason for his upset stomach. According to the quintessential authoratative database on everything (Wikipedia) a hiatal hernia is:

Hiatal Hernia is a condition in which part of the stomach sticks updward into the chest, through an opening in the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the sheet of muscle that seperates the chest from the adomen.

This condition isn't uncommon in babies; it is however, quite uncommon in 15 day-old babies. The doctor informed us that it actually probably exists in lots of babies, they just usually don't check for it this soon. So after a fairly tramatic experience for baby, mom and dad, it appears (fingers crossed), the condition wont be too serious (we hope and pray). We were informed that we will likely have a son prone to losing his lunch over anyone that holds him within thirty minutes of a feeding. And we will have to have several follow-up appointments. Pyloric stenosis is still a concern, but if it were to develop, it probably wont be for a few weeks.  

Lukas will have to take some anti-reflux medication twice a day, we have to keep him upright after feeding for a bit and Sarah will have to exclusively eat Little Italy until he is fifteen years-old (at least she is lobbying for this).  

We will have to keep a close eye on him and make sure he keeps gaining weight, but as long as his spit up doesn't come up bright yellow or brown/red, we are in good shape. 

There were a couple pros from this visit:
  1. Sarah and I were treated to a smorgasboard of our favorite TV shows during our junior high years. In this order, we watched Full House, Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World
  2. Sarah and I somehow managed to both sleep on this chair/couch/bed. We didn't sleep well...but we did sleep...sorta.

Sleeper Chair

I have to admit, last night was one of the absolute worst nights of my life.  I was tired, hungry, confused, worried and incredibly anxious. I got to thinking about about the real important things in life. But that's just it, I couldn't imagine anything more important in this life than his life. I know the overarching narrative of God's work in the universe is greater than my little boy's life, but I have to admit, the only thing that mattered to me last night was that Lukas was OK. I know this is normal, but I also know it's a really big world with lots of little baby boys. 

Thank you so much to those that were praying for us. We still covet those prayers.  

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