An update on Lukas' health

Over the past three days Lukas has been spitting up like an all-star. It's amazing what a fifteen day-old baby can produce. The spit up is normal, or so we've been told by 10,445 different parents , but what is abnormal is when this spit up is yellow and a brownish/red.

Yesterday (Wednesday) after a massive brownish upheaval, upon the suggestion of our primary care physician (who we both adore), we checked into Boston Children's Hospital. 

They ran a slew of tests, including a special x-ray that required Lukas to drink a dye. The initial concern was that he had Stomach Malrotation, or Pyloric Senosis. Apparently Pyloric Senlsis is hereditary, and because I actually suffered from this condition as a baby, the red flags went up in the doctors minds. 

The tests confirmed that Lukas has NEITHER of these conditions, but he does have a sports hernia which is causing the reflux. OK, I added the "sports" part, but he does have a hernia. The doctors are a bit concerned because they haven't seen something like this in a baby as young as Ookie (my nickname for him). I should add, there is still a chance the pyloric stenosis could become a problem as it typically doesn't develop until week five or six.

So at this time, we are waiting for a visit from the gastroentologist. We hope to be able to go home tonight, but they've made some cryptic comments about us staying for two nights. Lukas hasn't eaten since about 6pm last night, so he's pretty darn insatiable. They do have an IV keeping him hydrated. 

Here are a few misc. observations:

1. Pinning your newborn son to a table while he is x-rayed sucks. Like really sucks.

2. One of our nurses was working the day of the Marathon bombing. She said she felt "lucky" to be on that day. I asked her why she used the word "lucky." She responded that she was so happy that she was able to help, and that she would have come into work anyways, even if she hadn't been scheduled. I'm not a native Bostonian, but what people have said about this city is accurate. These people are pretty remarkable.

3. The hospital coffee is surprising good.

4. We feel blessed to live so close to one of the best, if not the best, children's hospital in the nation.

5. Lukas is really cute. He's been quite the ladies man with the nurses.

6. We're both really tired.


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