Storytelling: Todd Komarnicki Producer of Elf

Every so often my job is really fun.  Like "get-to-hang-out-with-the-producer-of-Elf-fun." Todd Komarnicki (the aforementioned producer of Elf) visited Gordon College on Friday, November 30. My task for the day was to hang out with Todd.   Todd is bundles of fun. He is smorgasbord of personality; imagine an odd combination of
  • uber energetic youth pastor
  • compassionate family friend
  • thoughtful philosopher
  • creative storyteller
  • humble theologian
Basically, he is a bearded, leather-jacket-wearing, hole-in-the-jeans, sage.

(Though his jumper is a bit rusty. It took a couple games of horse for him to get the kinks out)

Todd is in the middle. This picture kind of sums up his personality. He's biting a book he wrote...
Todd spoke in Convocation on Friday morning (which is part worship service, part academic lecture). He talked about his life. And about, in general. You know those moments when things just "align" in your head? When thoughts you have been thinking for years but have never been able to explain or articulate are somehow captured in a certain arrangement (or rearrangement) of words? That was my experience listening to Todd speak.

Simply put, he said what I have been trying but unable to say for roughly twelve years. So in a roundabout way, I suppose I'm saying "thanks" Todd.


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