Do Miracles Still Happen?

Our stove
Do miracles still happen today? Most of us haven't seen a friend raised from the dead or a guy feed a few thousand people with a single Domino's pizza. But do they still happen? Maybe in small ways?

I still believe my brother's full recovery from advanced stages of brain cancer was a miracle, but one could easily chalk that up to modern medicine and it's incredible advances.

No, I'm talking about something that is simply inexplicable and beyond the realm of normal. Well, I think something like this may have happened last night.

Tuesday nights are my homework night. Usually Sarah hangs out with a friend and I either read or listen to a lecture (I'm taking classes at Gordon-Conwell). Last night was no different. After Sarah left I decided to boil some water to make a cup of coffee to get me through the study session (complete aside, we use an Aeropress for our coffee. It's the best cup of coffee you can make at home. I kid you not). After the water boiled, I removed the kettle from the stovetop and went back into the living room to allow the water to cool (so as not to burn the beans). After about 5 minutes I was completely startled to hear a fan turn on in the kitchen. We've been watching lots of 24 as of late so I immediately assumed it was Jack Bauer. All kidding aside, a fan inexplicably turned on while I was sitting in the other room. I called for Sarah but upon hearing no reply walked slowly into the kitchen (yes, I was FREAKING OUT at this point).

The fan, I discovered, was actually the fan above the stove. As it turns out, I removed the kettle from the burner but never turned the knob to "off." The burner was bright red and had been on "high" with nothing covering it for five minutes. If the fan wouldn't have turned on causing me to check the "situation" in the kitchen, eventually I think something would have caught fire (we had some napkins and mail right next to the burner).

As soon as I got home I asked Sarah if the fan above the oven turns on automatically. With a confused look on her face she said, "Of course not. If it did, the fan would have turned on a few weeks ago when. I burned that sauce and set off the fire alarm."

You can probably tell where I'm going with this. I have no explanation for why the fan turned on causing me to discover the burner. Is there a chance the fan does automatically turn on when it "senses" extreme heat? Definitely. But what if the fan just doesn't have an automatic feature? Am I willing to base my theology on a kitchen fan? No. But this got me thinking. I wonder if things like this happen all the time but we simply aren't paying attention. Here's my challenge to you, if you're one of the seven people that actually read this blog, I challenge you to look for something "supernatural" today. In all likelihood, nothing will happen. But then again, maybe something will...


  1. I think about this kind of thing all the time. Like, all the times that we very well could have been near a car crash if we hadn't had to run back in the house for our keys or hadn't taken an unplanned detour. You just never know what could have happened. Or better put, you never know what God protected you from because it never happened. I hope there is a file in heaven for that sort of thing.

  2. So true. I think the key is acknowledging the moments when you realize just how remarkably and supernaturally events were arranged. A few people have kind of chuckled at this blog post, rolled their eyes and basically told me, "Well that's a nice little story, Keith."

    I seriously believe that something supernatural happened. And to your point, happens ALL the time.


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