On Faith

I was thinking about faith this morning.

I was praying that the Lord would provide our basketball players on this trip (and me for that matter) the appropriate "amount" of faith to share what God has done in their lives with the folks we meet here.

Maybe some context would be helpful. We are playing ten games in Guatemala and El Salvador. For each of the games we will partner with a local church. At halftime of our games one of our guys will share their testimony and encourage the audience to connect with the church if they are intrigued by what was said. My prayer is that they will have the faith to do this.

But this morning I thought about it. Maybe I have reversed the order. Maybe faith is built after obedience and taking risks. Maybe we never actually have "enough" faith to do anything but faith isn't the "fuel the drives the engine." I wonder if faith is built as a result of the action and is not a prerequisite for the action.

I hope to write more about our day tonight.

Cups of coffee: 3


  1. Great insight, Keith. I'm learning, like you, that faith grows from obedience. We are all granted a measure of faith, but its cultivation is connected to how we respond.

    Likewise, unbelief has its own type of momentum. I think unbelief grows through the absence of obedience.

    Praying that the Guate trip is full of faith, obedience and the world's best coffee!

    1. Good word, Josh. I never thought about the negative affect of spiritual momentum but it is totally true! Thanks for covering the team in prayer while we were in Guatemala!

  2. My devotion this morning was on this very topic. It was based on Joshua 3:14-17 - with the crossing of the Jordan River. The writer said that unless we step out by faith and "get our feet wet," we're not likely to make much progress in living for Christ and serving Him. I feel sure that the smount of faith the people had on one side of the Jordan River GREATLY increased with each step they took to get to the other side.

    Praying for you and all of the team. I know it will be a life-changing experience for all of you!

    1. Thanks for this comment Mama Logan. How very true! Thank you also for praying for team while we were in Guatemala and El Salvador!


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