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Why I watched the Royal Wedding, and Why I Liked It

First, let me be clear, I love my daughter very much. This July we’ll be welcoming our third child, a boy, to the Krass family clan. Which means our daughter Charis will be sandwiched between two males. Already, I feel the favouritism towards my one girl bubbling up.
Charis: Cookie peeeeeeese.
Mom: Charis, you’ve already had one.
Dad: Yeah, but she was running around a lot this morning, it’s probably OK for her to have 1-3 more cookies.
[Mom gives dad a scowl]
Lukas: Dad, can I have another cookie?
Dad: No! Go to your room!
Every morning at exactly 5am Charis stands up in her crib and yells “Mmmmooooommmmmmmy” or “Daaaaaaaaddy” until we go into her room and get her.
She’s essentially a rooster.
Most mornings, I bend the pillow around my head like a set of giant earmuffs and hope she falls back asleep (she has never fallen back asleep—never). Since we were up anyways, Sarah and I decided we might as well start our day. Surprisingly, there isn’t much going on at 5am on Saturday so alongside 23 m…

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